Welcome to Advocacy for Humankind

Advocacy for Humankind is an organization dedicated to the eradication of organized harassment. These covert crimes utilize a set of protocols simultaneously that shatter victims lives, and are virtually undetectable to persons not undergoing the abuse. Organized harassment is a methodology used by the powerful to oppress the powerless.

Organized harassment protocols have been developed over many decades, the earliest demonstration being the subjugation of citizens in East Germany by the Stasi (or State Security Service), one of the most effective and oppressive intelligence and secret police agencies ever to have existed.

One of the main tasks of the Stasi was spying on the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents (they called this protocol Zersetzung, literally meaning decomposition). (source: Wikipedia)

In modern day America and many other countries, those protocols have been greatly expanded upon utilizing present day technological innovations and psychological advancements.

A wide variety of entities now utilize these protocols for a variety of reasons to oppress a growing percentage of the population, all hidden in plain sight. Read more about organized harassment here.