Advocacy for Humankind Report Published on Human Rights Page of UN Website

Advocacy for Humankind Report Published on Human Rights Page of UN Website

The United Nation’s Call for Submissions

According the the UN website: “The report aims to explore some of the predominant psychosocial dynamics which, in practice, tend to undermine, circumvent or even paralyse institutional checks and balances, thereby creating environments of unchecked power conducive not only to corruption but also to torture and ill-treatment. The larger purpose of the report is to show that the widespread practice of torture and ill-treatment, as well as societal acquiescence or support for such abuse, are deeply rooted in collective psychosocial behavioural patterns, which either remain largely unconscious to the human mind, or are based on fundamentally flawed rationalizations and severely distorted perceptions of reality.”

The Special Rapporteur’s annual interim report is scheduled to be presented to the General Assembly at the United Nation 75th Session in October 2020.

Advocacy for Humankind’s submission included four sections. All were published on the United Nations website — fittingly — on July 4, 2020 along with others that were chosen.

The reports are listed in alphabetical order, placing the AFH submission at the top of the list.

Advocacy for Humankind’s Submission

The link below gives the background and objectives as well as listing the reports chosen for publication.

UN Objectives

Below are links to all four parts of the Advocacy for Humankind submission.

Part 1: An Open Secret: The Growing Problem of Cyber Torture via Coordinated Stalking.

Part 2: Advocacy for Humankind Data on Self-Reported Victims of Coordinated Stalking in California.

Part 3: ACLU Report, “Trapped in a Black Box, Growing Terrorism Watchlisting in Everyday Policing”.
This report is referred to in Part 1 of our submission.

Part 4: 90 Redacted Testimonies of Coordinated Stalking by Multiple Persons From California Residents and Former California Residents.


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