Directed-energy Attacks on U.S. Government Personnel Worldwide are “An Act of War”

Directed-energy Attacks on U.S. Government Personnel Worldwide are “An Act of War”

Awareness of Directed Energy Attacks Skyrockets

“The suspected directed-energy attacks on U.S. government personnel worldwide are “an act of war,” said former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, who launched an initiative to investigate the incidents during his time at the Pentagon last year and is urging the new administration to stay on the issue.

“If this plays out and somebody is attacking Americans [even] with a nonlethal weapon … we owe it to our folks that are out there,” Miller, who served as former President Donald Trump’s acting defense chief from November until January, told POLITICO. “We owe it to them to get to the bottom of this.” 

A May 3, 2021 article in POLITICO has brought massive awareness to the existence and utilization of directed energy devices. U.S. officials, including the Biden Administration, have been increasingly discussing investigations into the use of such weapons. The Biden team has claimed to have taken the reports “very seriously since day one,” and the CIA recently launched a task force of its own in conjunction with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The symptoms reported by American spies and diplomats in Cuba and China include lasting headaches, loss of hearing and balance, ringing and pressure in the ears, fatigue, and sometimes long-term brain damage. The collective symptoms have been dubbed “Havana Syndrome”.

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Doctors and scientists have claimed that the Havana attacks, which started in 2016, may have been caused by microwave weapons, which use a form of electromagnetic radiation to damage targets.

Without investigation, serious consequences are inevitable for U.S. government personnel, military troops, and innocent citizens. And the scope of use of these weapons is not limited to the U.S. Advocacy for Humankind has received testimony from people globally experiencing attacks by directed energy devices.

Defense officials who briefed lawmakers last month said that Russia was the most likely source of the attacks. However, these devices are available to anybody who can afford them.

Although progress cannot come fast enough for those who are constantly being subjected to these types of attacks, this most recent exposure is hopeful. To find out more, read any of the articles listed below:

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