Since 2019…

June 2019: Advocacy for Humankind came into being. At that time, founder Constance Rose had been co-facilitating the Bay Area Support Group for one year. She had also previously met with a handful of local politicians, including Senator Jerry Hill, Senator Nancy Skinner, Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, Senator Jim Beall and Congresswoman Jackie Speier with LiveFree Director Bob Chandra. At those meetings, information about coordinated stalking crimes was presented for the purpose of education and potentially submittal of bill proposals.

February 2019: Rose and others were invited by Senator Jim Beall’s office to attend a California Senate meeting of the Health and Human Services Committee in Sacramento to support Senator Beall as he presented AB10 and AB12 to the committee. Rose and Justin Whitworth — who facilitates the Sacramento branch of the Bay Area Support Group — attended that meeting and stood up in support of Senator Beall’s proposed bills.

October 2019: having formed Advocacy for Humankind, a small team made up of Constance Rose, Attorney Ray Schumann and Thaimy Trinh of the Bay Area Support Group submitted a bill proposal to Senator Beall and staff at Beall’s Campbell office.

Beall was open to speaking about coordinated stalking and relayed a story of his own about being mobbed at an event. He also understood how victims get mis-diagnosed with mental illness and guessed correctly the potential of misdiagnoses of paranoid schizophrenia and paranoid delusional.

November 2019: Advocacy for Humankind met with the CDAA (California District Attorney’s Association) and the CPCA (California Police Chief’s Association). Both organizations were shown the AFH presentation and lively discussion followed. Both organizations’ support is necessary in order to get new or expanded laws passed in Sacramento.

Statements of support were offered by both organizations, putting a very important piece in place as Advocacy for Humankind moves forward working with local legislators.

January 2020: During the November meeting with the CDAA, AFH was referred to Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley. Ms. Dudley is also Head Commissioner of POST, Police Officers Standards and Training. AFH met with Dudley in early January and were welcomed with grace and compassion. Dudley offered to advocate for AFH with POST and also Congressman Salud Carbajal, whose endorsement and support would be a major win for all persons suffering from coordinated stalking criminal abuses.

Dudley also referred AFH to Senator Hannah Beth Jackson and Assembly Member Monique Límon. She also suggested AFH present at upcoming CDA conferences with the subject matter of domestic violence and stalking.

That brings us to present, February 2019. AFH continues coalition building and following up with all of the suggestions and referrals that we’ve been so graciously offered. We will continue to post updates as we continue on our journey.

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