Our Team

Constance Rose

Constance Rose has had a career as a creative professional spanning 30 years. She has worked for many top tier ad agencies and was also CEO of her own corporation for over 10 years.

Having experienced crimes of covert harassment first hand, she has been focused since 2012 on bringing these human rights abuses into public awareness, with a goal of providing assistance to victims and motivating investigation and ultimately prosecution for perpetrators.

In 2018 Constance co-founded a support group for victims of covert harassment in the Bay Area. The group currently has 80+ members and is growing daily, demonstrating the need for relief and recourse for victims.

Ilona Gazarova
Director of Research

Ilona Gazarova has a professional career of 19 years, which includes administrative and business development roles. She has worked for a leading litigation law firm, as well as small start-up businesses where she gained invaluable skills.

Direct experience with harassment and covert organized crimes has had a profound effect on Ilona’s life. Her main objective is to help expose these unlawful acts and violations of human rights, and to provide support and assistance to the numerous victims of covert abuse. Ilona is dedicated to her work and believes justice will prevail.

Jacqueline Domnitz
Director of Communications

Jacqueline Domnitz has had a professional career since 1973. Starting as administrative clerk in the insurance industry for two years, eventually working as a call evaluator (non-sworn position) with law enforcement for eight years, and then as a legal secretary for two defense law firms for six years.  

In 1993, she started a high-tech commercial telecom business with her partner and is CEO of her own million-dollar corporation. Working in almost every aspect of business ownership has been rewarding and challenging. Jacqueline enjoys working most in the Human Resources of her company and has made her company government compliant in all hiring protocols.

Having knowledge and experience of covert harassment, she has sought out opportunities to be an advocate for humanity in many areas. According to Jacqueline, “It is both healing and helpful to know that I am working diligently to solve this horrific crime of covert harassment. I love working with other like-minded individuals and organizations to make our community and world a compassionate place to be.”

Our Volunteers

Support Group meeting in the Redwoods

Volunteers from the Bay Area Support Group have been stepping up and supporting Advocacy for Humankind with their time, energy and generous attitudes. We are forever grateful to all of those who have the heart and passion to stand up for justice against these predatory crimes.

Partners Across the US

Advocacy for Humankind has been training partners in the following US cities to replicate the advocacy work we are doing with local politicians:

San Diego
New York City

Board and Executive Team

Advocacy for Humankind is a new organization, and is currently interviewing for Board positions as well as Executive Team members. Please see the Contact Us information at the right of this page to inquire.