Our Team

Constance Rose

Constance Rose has had a career as a creative professional spanning 30 years. She has worked for many top tier ad agencies and was also CEO of her own corporation for over 10 years.

Having experienced crimes of coordinated stalking first hand, she has been focused since 2012 on bringing these human rights abuses into public awareness, with a goal of providing assistance to victims and motivating investigation and ultimately prosecution for perpetrators.

In 2016, Constance self-published the book The Joy Thieves, under the pen name of Mary Joy MacKay. The book details her journey being a victim of coordinated stalking and harassment.

In 2018 Constance co-founded a support group for victims of coordinated stalking in the Bay Area. The group currently has close to 100 members and is growing daily, demonstrating the need for relief and recourse for victims.

Byron Anthony Mills II
Director, Strategic Initiatives

Byron has extensive project management experience in the hospitality and telecommunications industries. His experience includes managing cross functional teams to field test and implement new product initiatives. He also served in the capacity of the Western Region Development Manager for a national D.C. based political action committee where he worked closely with local volunteers, legislators, state representatives and major donors across the western United States

Acquiring an Associate’s education in Business Administration from San Francisco City College and a B.S. in Economics from San Francisco State University, Byron worked on a national health research project. In this role he analyzed health trends data and reported on potential economic health outcomes to inform public policy decisions. It is his goal to apply these skills to improve national awareness of cyber torture and strengthen laws to protect citizens through data and strategic relationships.

Iris Chen
Vice President of Research

Iris is a grass roots multidisciplinary creative researcher who thrives on improving living conditions with technology and innovation. She did her undergraduate in BS in Microbiology and MS in Tropical Medicine (classical training of handling emerging infectious diseases) at John A. Burns School of Medicine at University of Hawaii. Her experience working as a disease investigator fighting and preventing outbreaks at the state of Hawaii Department of health (DOH) gave her the experience working effectively in novel situations.

She has a high interest in developing and managing well-being through the study/practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu® (bioenergetic field), genomics and semantic computations.

As a practitioner of the Japanese physio-philosophy art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®, she was able to reverse her own heart failing symptoms and is currently lending her practice to energetically heal survivors of ongoing directed energy attacks by harmonizing energetic interferences that disturb organ functioning energies.

In the process she is researching and developing countermeasures towards high-technological harassments, including surveying “Havana Syndrome” and other anomalies to raise awareness of induced symptoms to the medical community.

Some of what Iris is currently working on is the use of ELINT (Electronic Intelligence: intelligence gathered by the use of electronic sensors) and utilizing practical ESM (Electronic Support Measures) analysis, an intensive data collection technique) and developing a wearable to log frequencies in heat maps on the entire body during most vulnerable times — work, sleep and intimate times with primary support groups.

Our Volunteers

Bay Area Support Group members at our 2019 summer BBQ

Volunteers from the Bay Area Support Group have been stepping up and supporting Advocacy for Humankind with their time, energy and generous attitudes. We are forever grateful to all of those who have the heart and passion to stand up for justice against these predatory crimes.

Partners Across the US

Advocacy for Humankind has been training partners in the following US cities to replicate the advocacy work we are doing with local politicians:

San Diego
Tampa, Florida
New York City

Board and Executive Team

Advocacy for Humankind is a new organization, and is currently interviewing for Board positions as well as Executive Team members. Please see the Contact Us information at the right of this page to inquire.